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Carp Fishing Rigs - The D Rig | Carpfinder.co.uk

D Rig

The D-Rig is a great way to present a freely moveable bait.  It is often utilised well in the Chod Rig which is well suited to fishing in deep silt or weed.  Rather than mounting the bait on a hair, the chosen bait is tied to a rig ring, which is free-running, on a small loop of line shaped like a D, hence the name. 

Start the rig in a similar way to a knotless knot, but without the loop on the end of the hair.  This rig is best used with a fluorocarbon style hooklink. 


D Rig Step 1


Run the line through the eye of the hook leaving about 2cm to use to make the ‘D’. 


D Rig Hook Whipping


Whip the line down the hook in the normal way about 5 or 6 times and pass it back through the eye of the hook.


D Rig Ring Fitted


The next step is to make the ‘D’.  Place a small rig ring onto the tail end of the line that usually makes the hair. 


D Rig Make D


This is then passed through the eye of the hook (from the back) creating a D shaped loop. 


D Rig Burn Tail


When you have pushed enough through to make a ‘D’ of a suitable size as shown, take a cigarette lighter and slowly burn the tail end down to stop it from pulling back through the eye.


D Rig Close Up


You can now bait the rig by tying on your desired bait (usually a pop-up boilie) using baiting floss.  The bait is now free to move along the length of the ‘D’ allowing a very natural movement.


D Rig Finished Rig


All that is left is to finish your rig by attaching either a swivel or a ringed-swivel (used for the chod rig) and you’re ready to go.





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